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Microfinance Services Pty Ltd (MFS) is ainternational consulting firm providing specialised consulting services in the field of microfinance and microenterprise. Our work ranges from providing assistance to national governments to develop regulation and supervision procedures for the microfinance industry; through to institutional analyses and capacity building of MFIs and to the conduct of impact and client-based research. We strive to provide our clients with insights and analyses that can become the basis for practical product and service innovations or improved donor support to the industry.

Our Mission




Microfinance Services aims to assist international development agencies and their partners to improve access of poor and very poor households, in developing countries, to financial services which are flexible, useful and which are financially and institutionally sustainable.




Company Profile

Microfinance Services (MFS) is a specialized consulting firm focusing exclusively on microfinance. Consulting services are managed from a head office in Australia. In addition to its full-time professional consultants, MFS has an extensive international network of handpicked associate consultants throughout Asia and Africa. These associate consultants are developed and supported through a comprehensive mentoring scheme which involves formal training, pre-assignment briefing and planning support, on the job coaching, debriefing and participatory performance evaluation.

Microfinance Services provides innovative and highly practical microfinance consulting services that are underscored by a detailed understanding of our clients' operating environment and organizational capacities. These services are founded upon proven microfinance consulting tools developed internally and through reputable international development agencies.

It has contracted its technical expertise in microfinance/microenterprise to projects funded by the following agencies:

AusAID (Chongqing Comprehensive Poverty Alleviation Project, Qinghai Community Development Project, Inner Mongolia Grasslands Conservation Project, QCDP Microfinance Study Tour, Tibet Poverty Project Feasibility Study, Papua New Guinea Microfinance Sector Review, Annual AusAID Microfinance Training Course)


The World Bank (Lao Forest Management and Conservation Project, PNG Agriculture Sector Review, African Microfinance Capacity Building Project - AFCAP)


DFID (African Microfinance Capacity Building Project - AFCAP, Bangladesh FSP Joint Donor Project Design,Afghanistan Rural Development Project)


IFAD (East and Southern Africa Remote Rural Microfinance Research and Development Programme)



The Asian Development Bank (Thailand Development of a Strategic Framework for Financial Inclusion, Lao Northern Region Sustainable Livelihoods Project, PNG Microfinance Expansion Project Design, China Rural Finance Reforms and Development of Microfinance Institutions, Bangladesh Research and Development Project, Pakistan Livestock Sector Development Project)


UNDP (Myanmar MFI Review, Microfinance and Extreme Poverty, Mozambique Evaluation of Upstream Microfinance Project)British DFID (Afghanistan Rural Development Project, Kenya MFI Review, African Microfinance Capacity Building Project - AFCAP, Bangladesh Financial Services for the Poor Joint Donor Project Design)


USAID (Regulation for MFIs and Specialised (deposit taking) Banks, Zambia InstitutionalStrengthening of CMS, Evaluation of MIS for MFIs)


African Development Bank (AMINA Framework for Microfinance)


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